Saturday, April 9, 2016

How To Paper Mache Paste and Clay

paper mache clay projects

Hello friends!

Today I uploaded 3 videos to my new youtube channel. I'm excited because it's the paper clay that I used to make my mushroom house, mice, troll, snail, and many mushrooms! I've had so many requests about it, it's a thrill to have these videos available. I'll say no more, watch them right here but don't forget to go and subscribe to my channel "Where The Gnomes Live" so you don't miss any future updates. 

The first video is how to make the paste, the paste is one of the ingredients for making the clay


  1. Thank you Sharon that was great very easy to follow
    I always wondered what you used

    1. "very easy to follow" , Yay! That's like music to me ears, thank you!


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