Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gnomey Brings The Little Mouse Home

If you missed the first part, the story continues from here.

As soon as Gnomey got the little mouse home he heated him some milk while Aunt Katri sat with him by the fire. She couldn't believe this baby was out there in the cold! She feels so thankful that Gnomey was mushroom hunting and found him.
"It was meant to be." She said, "You were meant to find him. Send out word tomorrow that we found a baby mouse. We'll keep him here until his family comes for him."

They spent the rest of the day keeping the mouse as happy as they could. He ate cheese and drank warm milk until his little belly was full. They read him stories and showed him around the Stump House.
Tonight they got an old basket from one of the guest rooms that will
work as a cradle. He will sleep in Aunt Katri's room.

She tucked him in as snug as a bug in a rug! She pulled the basket up close to her then she played the organ and quietly sang this lullaby. "Shoo Shoo Shoo Sha La La, Put your little cares away. Shoo Shoo Shoo Sha La La, Tomorrow is another day. Shoo Shoo Shoo Sha La La, Close your little eyes of blue! Shoo Shoo Shoo Sha La La, Pretty dreams will come to you...." And the little mouse drifted off to sleep feeling safe and warm.

shhhhh.. baby is sleeping!

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The lullyby is part of a song by Hank Carter. My father sang this to me countless times when I was a little girl.


  1. Una im√°genes muy tiernas y unos estupendos recuerdos.

  2. How sweet it this! Great pictures and story, I sure hope one day it will be published if not already


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