Monday, June 27, 2011

Ghost Child Doll


  1. so cute!
    Can you tell me approximately how much yarn you used? I was thinking of doing her in glow in the dark yarn.
    Ps.. I can hardly wait for the cat!

  2. thank you Battatter... hmmm, it's been a while since I made her but I do know it was less than a small skein. Wow, that would be cool to see a glow in the dark ghost doll :D
    If you do make her I would love to see pictures!! If you don't mind post some on my facebook page, Amigurumi Freely
    Looking forward to seeing your work :)
    PS, the cat is a fun doll.. lol I enjoy him

  3. Absolutely beautiful work! I'm new to crochet but am "getting it" quite fast and have been looking forward to making your Wybie's cat as a gift for my partner. Now that I see the ghost child I think I'll have to make her, too. Thank you kindly for sharing!

  4. thank you so much madwhimsy!! I enjoyed your message today. I've been working on video tutorial for all the Coraline characters. I have the cat tutorial on youtube now, "The Ghost of Wuss Puss" and currently filming and editing wybie's! It's been fun :)

    I hope you enjoy making the Ghost girl, she is a pretty little doll.


  5. Hi Emma, sorry at this time I do not sell any dolls. If at any time in the future I do sell I will announce it on my blog. Thanks for the message :)

  6. I'm awe of your talent! The detail is immaculate! The eyes on Ghost girl are spectacular!

    1. thank you! I appreciate that Bebe :)

      Sharon XO


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