Sunday, August 21, 2011

With Summer almost over...

I'll soon have more crochet time, yay!! I plan to start making video tutorials focusing on my own doll creations. Which means all the doll patterns I have designed so far will soon have their own step by step video... can't wait to get started on that. I am also contemplating selling the dolls that I make in each video tutorial as well. So there may be an Etsy store in my future but it's really just thoughts at this time... the future is yet to be seen! I will , of course,  continue to offer my patterns freely to all

I am so very pleased with my facebook page, Amigurumi Freely and how it continues to grow. I have developed some new friendships and enjoy seeing everybody's amigurumi creations! Also, I can't tell you all how thrilled and completely flattered I am to see pictures of dolls created using my patterns... it's just a beautifully awesome thing!
 Amigurumi Rocks!!!

I have also started a new facebook page Dollhouses and The Things That Go In Them I have been in love with dollhouses and all the tiny treasures that go in them since childhood so why not share with others who feel the same!
Hope to see more of you join in and post some pictures of your own dollhouses!

Aside from facebook updates I also have a quick family update! Two of my children had Summer b-days. Now my youngest child is 9 years old! My goodness time does fly, lol pictured below is Jordan who turned 10 on July 30th and Gracie who turned 9 on August 13th.

Jordan and Gracie with their b-day faces on

Hope you all had a great Summer and continue to enjoy what's left of it! See you all soon!


  1. I think your little etsy will be a success. Do it, Sharon and since you don't really need to do this for a living , I am sure your etsy will be more pleasure than pressure. :)

    I think it is so fabulous of you to be sharing your doll patterns. And now the videos! You are beyond amazing.

  2. I sure appreciate your kind words Sans, thank you so much!
    I believe you are right about etsy and I'm leaning in that direction more and more.

    Thanks again Sans, you are very encouraging and kind :)


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