Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dollhouse Castle Coffins and Updates...

Hilda Beans' beloved gardener passed some time ago and she has been waiting to lay him to rest. She searched high and low for a good coffin maker but with no luck. So Hilda commissioned me to do the honors. Here it is unfinished... I will give the poor man a lining for his coffin and pretty up the exterior soon. But I'd say it is a perfect fit!!
The beloved gardener, may he rest in peace

Now Hilda did have a husband, Mr.Beans, but he too met an early death. Some say his spirit haunts the study in the castle and thus no one dares enter there... but me! I am the brave one dear reader. And now that I know I can  build coffins I will make him one, a fancy one, but until then his bones will remain in his favorite chair... 

Since I last posted my castle has grown with an addition and a hallway to connect one section to the other. Both sections used to be dressers as some of you know. One dresser was my oldest son's 1st dresser who is now 19 years old and for sentimental reasons I couldn't bear the thought of throwing the old, beat up dresser away! Once I got the idea to build a dollhouse out of it the project just continued to get bigger and bigger! A friend of mine was moving and throwing away her son's dresser that was falling apart, well guess where it ended up, lol... yes indeed, it became the addition!
My son's 1st dresser

2nd dresser that was heading to the dump!
The dressers. My son's name is Jesse and my friends' son is James.
"Jesse James"

So anyway, like I said this will be a project in progress for a long time! I have fabric picked out for curtains and drapes.. I have an idea for a maids' room where all the linens will be stored and washing of the clothes will be done. Once the coffins are made I will start on some shelving ... but until then enjoy some more pictures and stay tuned, more castle updates will follow!!

I turned 2 of the windows into a deck of sorts

I made this from a picture of an antique butterfly display. I used special solution to give it the 3d effect.

Building a little stable for the castle horse

Bye for now, do come back soon!


  1. Wow!! I love it! I was wonderin you found thewhereg iron skillets for the kitchen area. It is just beautiful, i can't beleieve you made it, it is sooo detailed!!

  2. Thank you Nadeane! I found the skillets in a thrift shop. They are cast iron and all in one little bag and my heart skipped a beat for real, lol :)


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