Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our morning walk to school ...

I am so glad I decided to bring my camera this beautiful Fall morning as we walked to school. There was frost on the ground and gorgeous colors to be seen everywhere we looked. I love the color of the leaves just as they fall to the ground...
our path to school in the morning starts here

then we cross this field and our school is just on the other side

note to self: bring gloves tomorrow! brrrrrrrrrrrrr

my son loved the heart shaped leaf, thought that was pretty neat... me too!

and we arrived just after the bell rang! All the children had run inside already... taking pictures along the way made us a little late, lol

Have a great day kids, see you after school ... love you ...

back home I go planning a hot cup of tea...

Thank you for joining us on our walk to school today. Hope you are enjoying the Fall just as much as we are!!


  1. I love it
    Thank you for sharing
    I live in (lol literary ) the desert so in fall time we enjoy the good wether that's all

  2. thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
    I can't imagine living in a desert, it would be shocking to my system, lol we have rain for much of the year but can't complain because we have beautiful forests to enjoy because of it..:)


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