Saturday, July 21, 2012

Durham Pencil Sharpeners Dollhouse Furniture

Anyone who knows me knows I have a small obsession with miniatures. I'm always looking for tiny items  that I can put to good use in one of my dollhouses. Yesterday I went to Value Village and I hit the jackpot! Inside a bag hanging on a wall I first noticed a tiny stove. I grabbed it and it felt rather heavy, beautiful details were visible through the bag and I could also see the doors were on hinges... how perfect! So with my heart skipping a beat, I glanced on the wall again because I know if there's one there might be a second... OMG, not only did I find another bag with desk in it I kept finding these little bags hanging here and there all holding tiny furniture!

I found 5 bags in total with each bag priced at 2.99 and in them was a stove, roll top desk, Grandfather clock, wash tub with wash board, cash registrar, sewing machine, and a camera. The camera has a broken stand but I will make a stand for it eventually. They are all vintage Durham pencil sharpeners from the 70's. Each has it's own unique feature like a door that opens or a crank that works.  Some are larger pieces more suitable for 1/6 scale dollhouse which is great too because my daughter has a dollhouse this size! The other pieces will be put to good use in my smaller scale dollhouses.

Well, enough said, here they are in all their tiny, beautiful, metal glory!

Thanks for looking... and until next time,
Happy Hunting!


  1. What wonderful detail. I wish I'd been older to appreciate all the art that went into the stuff that was around when I was a kid. Great find :)

    1. I know! I remember some of these things too and now wish I had been a pack rat, haha oh well it's fun to hunt for them again :)


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