Friday, July 20, 2012

Thrift Store Treasures New Boot House Coming Up

Today was one of those days where I can say, OMG! Look what I found!!

I finally found a pair of vintage men's boots that I will turn into a dollhouse! I've been looking forever it seems for just the right color, size and texture. I walk through the doors today and, "Wa La" a perfect Size 14 waiting on the shelves just for me! They are super clean too :)

You can see how big they are compared to my dainty ladies boot I previously turned into a dollhouse. If I remember right I think the ladies boots were about a size 7 or 8

I can't wait to get started on the new pair.. it'll have to wait tho since I have holidays coming up next week and when I return home I'll be busy with other stuff so thinking maybe once the kids are back in school. I'll be doing a full tutorial on every step I take to turn this pair of men's 14's into a dollhouse! So stay tuned for that :)

Today was my day! A day I was meant to go to the thrift store. Not only did I find the most perfect boots, but I also found metal dollhouse furniture that made my heart skip a beat! I believe the stove, clock and desk will all fit the boot dollhouse, *fingers crossed* Check these out... they are all vintage Durham pencil sharpeners (1970's) except for the pottery, those are handmade with the crafter's name engraved in the bottom. The pottery are bigger pieces that will fit in my daughter's 1/6 scale house. I think my favorite furniture piece is the stove, I just love all the little the details

my favorite!
the top opens, the drawers do not

not pencil sharpeners but maybe part of one. Dated 1976
will have to build a shop now!
love this too! The door opens and the pendulum swings
pottery for my daughter's dollhouse
Thrift Store Treasures! Thrift store treasure that got my head swimming with ideas! I almost want to get started right now but my ideas will have to wait.. just for a little while

Thanks for looking :)


  1. These finds are fabulous! I love the stove and the cash register! Too adorable and so detailed! I think I used to have pencil sharpeners like that when I was a kid. Hmm - wonder whatever happened to them? Oh well, I am looking forward to seeing your new boot home come to life and I think a store is a great idea too! A little general store with maybe some penny candy and all the cool stuff you just never see anymore. Eagerly awaiting updates. :)

    1. fantabulous finds! And my daughter got really nice outfits for our holidays too, she was really excited about that :)
      I used to have pencil sharpeners just like some of these too, but I never seen a clock, roll top desk or the wash tub.. the little wash board is super! I also found a sewing machine but it didn't make it in the pictures. When you turn the crank, the needle goes up and down! But that one is bigger size, perfect for Gracie's 1/6 scale house.
      I have many ideas now Teeni.. so hard to maintain them all and wait until a better time to start, I almost caved last night and started on the boot haha
      Yes, a store with candy was what I was thinking because I have a bunch of those glass jars.. eeks! I can't think about it right now, lol
      I should just start writing them down in a plan book so I can at least release a bit of the energy there :)

      Thanks for stopping by Teeni

  2. Haha! Now you sound like I feel! Definitely take notes so you don't forget any of your great ideas! My head is always swimming with ideas so I have three notebooks going at a time. So I am even disorganized in that area, LOL. But I have lost too many good ideas when I thought I could remember on my own, so now I at least get them written down. Now it is just a matter of locating them and being able to read my own chicken scratch handwriting? ;)

    1. thanks Teeni, I will for sure. You know it's so funny, you'd think I'd learn after planning to write them down then deciding I don't need to thinking I'd remember! ya right, lol Nope! And I should of learned because I did that enough with crochet patterns. Gosh, those are the worst but now I write all my crochet down no matter what. I will for sure sit down and jot down what I'm thinking with other my other projects, I'll even draw pictures, LOL

  3. Sooo cute! How clever are you to think of a boot dollshouse!


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