Sunday, September 9, 2012

Painting Coraline part Two

Took me 2 days to finish and I am very satisfied with it. (See part
one here) This was a gift for my daughter, who loves it very much. She doesn't know this but I will be adding a couple paintings to make a set. There is a certain Pink Palace that I am just dying to paint!

Anyway, in true blogging fashion I want to show the steps I took to get this painting done. I am no artist for sure! And I hope this inspires somebody out there to give it a try, if I can do it you can do it too :)

is actually not painted at all,
she is made with layers of pages from an old book!

I started off with a picture printed off of google to use as reference (the 2nd last picture below shows the printed off image) , a canvas over a wood frame that I found at the Dollarama for 2 bucks, an old paint brush, and Americana Satin Enamel, (water-based) in  Evening Blue.
Note: You can enlarge these pictures by clicking on them and then use your back button to come back to the post.

I gave the canvas one coat of the Evening Blue and once that was good and dry, I used a cloth dipped in acrylic Folk Art True Blue and also in acrylic Folk Art white paint and rubbed the cloth over the entire surface. Just lightly going over and over until I had the look I wanted. I was going for a soft, cloudy night. And if it was too light I just rubbed over some evening blue to darken it up. (so sorry, I've lost a couple pictures and the 2nd step was one of them. But if you look at the final painting you will see I just lightly went over it in layers until I had what looked like a soft cloudy night).

To paint the moon I used one of my dinner plates as a template and painted a rough outline around it, I just used the paint brush. I didn't want a perfect circle. When I flipped the plate onto the canvas I kinda had to chuckle at the name of the plate!
I painted roughly inside the circle with Folk Art True Blue acrylic paint and let it dry. Once dry, I dipped a cloth in acrylic white paint, and dabbed, rubbed and dabbed and rubbed until I had a cloudy looking moon. The button holes were just roughly dabbed in with blue paint on a cloth . Using white paint on a q-tip I gave the button holes some depth by edging the bottom halves as pictured.  All of this was just roughly done. I wasn't going for perfection! I outlined the moon with the Evening Blue paint and a craft brush made for edging. Roughly but lightly I painted in the inside edge of the button with that edging brush. I let the moon dry before starting the tree.
The creepy tree was fun to do! Again, not going for perfection I just roughly penciled in the tree then filled it in with acrylic black paint, not caring too much if I went outside the lines except for the tips of the claw, I wanted those pointy and thin. Once the tree was painted in I actually put many, many more coats on it, pushing clumps of paint around, rolling the paint brush roughly here and there until I had what looks like bark. Turned out perfectly creepy! I let the tree dry for a few hours before continuing on to the next step.

Now for Coraline! And boy, she proved to be a tough one just trying to decide which medium to use. I didn't want to paint her, I want to make her out of something else. After trying many different things from cloth to yarn and not liking any of them I settled on a paper collage! That wasn't so bad at all once I got her main drawing down but it did take time. I started with a rough drawing using the tree as a size indicator. The picture I was using as a reference had her holding a stick which I removed after I cut her out, it was just easier without that stick, lol
Using pages from an old book and a glue stick I started layering her, different parts at a time. This was all just trial and error, layering and layering until I liked the look! I'd say aside from her legs and face which is just 2 layers, all her parts got 3-6 layers. Once the layers were done, I shaded her skirt with pencil, colored her coat and boots with yellow felt, colored her hair with blue felt, outlined almost all of her with a fountain pen and aside from her hair I top-shaded all of her with a pencil.
                                           All that layering gave her a 3D look on the canvas!
The cat was just roughly drawn on white paper, then cut out and painted black. I ended up cutting his head off and gluing it back on so I could get him to look out at me when I glued him to the canvas. I  used a pencil dipped in paint to do his eyes and ears, again never going for perfection!

And that about does it. I did take a pencil and outline a few things.. the rocks I penciled in and then using paint on a cloth, I shaded and shaded alternating between white and black and a little blue until I liked what I saw! I also used a pencil dipped in white paint and dotted in a few stars.

And, wa la! I had a super cool painting that I gifted to my daughter who was very  happy to receive it!

I hope this has inspired someone out there to give painting a try! You don't need to be an artist, honest! All you need is a brush, some paint and a little inspiration and maybe some glue if you decide to make a collage on your painting like I did. Forget about perfection and just have fun!!

Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Just wow. I love mixed media - it is so fun to use different things in a project! And I totally love your collage Coraline! The painting alone is amazing with that moon and tree but how cool to add a little Coraline with some depth and dimension! You are talented beyond measure my friend! Thanks for sharing your steps here. I missed the previous post so had to go back and read that one too. I am glad I did because it was so neat to see how this all came together. :).

    1. ah, I knew I forgot something, I'll link the 2 posts. Thanks for reminding me!
      I LUV mixed media but I don't think I've done it before. This is just a little touch of it but it was still so much fun. I SO want to do more mixed media and get even more detailed and so on and so on! So many ideas! But you know what that's like, haha
      Your comment on my Dollhouse page blew me away, we think so much alike! I left a comment there for you <3

  2. I love it! Well done and I love that the girl is made from newsprint.

  3. Looks like what ever you do, it looks always great! Super talent work once again! :) I must do some Coraline stuff some day soon too..

    1. Thank you! thank you Riikka, that was so kind! I luv Coraline and would luv to see your projects of her one day :)

  4. wow this is verry beautifull, i love it

    greetings from belguim

    1. Thank you! I just joined your blog, it's very nice. Is there a translate button any where?

      Greetings from Canada :)

  5. Very cool Sharon! I'd love one! :)


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