Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Twig Bed FOr The Dollhouse

So excited to have a new dollhouse in the works! I found a small wooden cupboard at a thrift store and decided to turn it into a dollhouse...
of course ;)
                             see the cupboard  here

And I decided to make everything in the house out of found items and keepsakes. So the bed pictured above is made from twigs, an old canvas covered book cover, and a really old cardboard case that used to hold sewing needles and lots of glue :)

This will be an ongoing project, there is no end in sight at the moment so stay tuned for progress updates!

 Here are some of the changes I've made to the cupboard itself:

I really liked the old shelves the way they were but I needed more room
to work with so had to remove them and add in one shelf
I've lined the walls and floors but that will be posted another day. Until then, keep building, decorating and dreaming!

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