Thursday, November 8, 2012

Felt Craft Attack

New Obsession Announcement!!

       Oh my goodness, it's a Felt Craft Attack!

I was enjoying Pinterest one night last week and these beautifully embroidered felt hearts caught my eye... the colors, the detail, the simplicity and knowing they are handmade had me hooked! It was love at first sight

So of course what to do but make my own. I kept it simple tho, no embroidery, just cut 2 heart shapes, one out of out of red felt and one out of pink felt. I stuck them together and stitched around the edges, stuffed it before I

sewed it closed and wa la, my own felt heart! And because I love buttons, I added one to each side :)
Ok, not bad for my first felt project! I like them and a little more detail and experimenting with colors I could have gift worthy hearts. I want to make hanging hearts for the wall and a string of hearts for above my daughter's bed! Maybe a heart to hang off the door knobs and some for our Christmas tree this year. There's many, many things one can do with hearts!

After making the heart I needed a teddy bear and after I little searching online I stumbled upon a free pattern for a mohair teddy bear which I liked the looks of. Kinda ugly cute and a little folk arty so I printed it off,cut, sewed and stuffed and wa la my own felt teddy bear, so cute! This one my kids flipped for so now I've got more to make which I'm more than happy to do :)

And next I made a little Blue Bird. This one I think I love the most and definitely want to make many more of. I also think buttons will make cuter eyes and will try those next. There are plenty of free bird patterns online. I used this one and modified it by making my own fabric wing.

I realized that making patterns would be pretty simple. You just need a shape so I thought of cookie cutters. I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this because it's so simple and such a great idea so I went to my local thrift shop and found 2 bags of cutters for under 10 bucks and I now have a huge variety of shapes to choose from! And don't forget there's bunches of free patterns online too. And while searching online for felt cutting tips I found out wax paper and an iron works wonders! Check the original blog post here

I will have many more felt projects and patterns  because the possibilities are endless! And of course staying true to form in my new found obsession, I started a facebook page just yesterday to help me categorize and organize what I find, make and promote all things felt! There is already a bunch of free online sources I've added into photo albums to make it easy for you to find a project you would like to do yourself.
Check it out here Felt Craft Attack  

I hope you too try a felt project :)
All that's needed is felt, thread and an imagination!

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Oo wow I love these! You did so well! Now I have to try this too! I was actually meant to make so blue birds but i had not choose yet the style and materials but now i know! ;)

    1. That's great Riikka! I really am enjoying it, I hope to make many designs! Keep me posted on how you do too :)

  2. Hi there - I hope you will still get this comment on this post even though it's almost 2 years after you wrote it. I loved your idea for the felt teddy bear and I used it to have my 3rd & 4th graders at church make some for an orphanage in Thailand. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your ideas. I'm hoping & praying these bears will make some little children in the orphanage very happy! I have shared some pictures on Flickr if you would like to see them. Thanks again for your fantastic ideas!

    1. oh my goodness!! How beautiful , I am so touched that this little felt bear got given life in such a great number and is going to an orphanage.. you have no idea what that means to me <3
      I can't believe it's been 2 years since I wrote this. That little bear sits at the end of my bed! I love him so much and now when I look at him I will think of you and your church children and what you've done.
      How awesome and what a wonderful way for me to start my day by reading your message and seeing those fantastic pictures!
      Many Blessings to you
      Sharon Ojala


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