Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Homemade Ribbon Stand

Spools of ribbon, what do you do with bunches of them? I had mine thrown into a basket of craft supplies. Tonight I decided to get busy and organize that basket! First on the list, find a place for the ribbons! But no matter

the place they were still in a pile so what to do but stack them but what if I want the ribbon in the middle of the stack? 

So I thought for a bit and came up with an idea. Ribbons on a knitting needle! Ok, wasn't my first thought but did think dowel but I had no dowels on hand so next best thing was a knitting needle. A plastic needle worked best since I could cut it to size. Next I needed a stand and I have a small collection of wood that I keep for projects and I so happened to have the perfect piece.

I also used a drill, hot glue and a pair of pliers. 

First I snapped the knob off the needle then drilled a hole in the middle of the wood stand, (I didn't drill right through). Then I dropped hot glue into the hole and pushed an end on the needle into the hot glue. I held it in place for a few seconds and I was done!

Wa La!
A functional and sturdy ribbon stand. I don't even need to remove
the ribbons to use it, I can just roll them out. I love that!

Since I'm organizing there will be more photo updates to come and maybe some more storage and display ideas too. I do love the buttons in a jar and all the other little collections in a jar too. I'm not sure they will stay in jars as seen here but I do know I'm keeping the ribbon stand as is!

And another thing I found that works great is cut a little slit on the cardboard and pull the end of your ribbon into that slit, just as they do on thread spools. This will keep the ribbons from unraveling! Oh, you're welcome, lol


  1. That is a really good idea; I will have to get my brother to make one for me.

    1. Thank you Cj, glad you like it. Let me know hot it works out for you. I'm actually putting another one together tonight. I found another stash of ribbons, lol


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