Friday, February 8, 2013

Vintage Pewter Butterfly Hair Claw Thrift Store Finds

Beautiful Butterfly!

 My daughter and I went to Value Village to find some hair clips. If you have never been to a Value Village then you must go just to browse the little bags that hang upon the wall. There is a huge variety of things you can find in these bags which makes
them so much fun!

We found a couple bags with hair clips, barrettes and bands. Each bag was fairly full and we could kinda see what was in them but the middle of the bags are always difficult to see so we tried to pick the best one, the one my daughter thought had the prettiest pieces.

It wasn't til we got home and opened the bag that we saw this beautiful pewter butterfly hair claw. We both fell in love! It must be a vintage piece but we can't find any markings or dates. Along with the claw we also found 2 smaller metal pieces to add to the collection of pretty hair accessories...

And that wasn't all that we found in that little bag! This actually blew me away for the time it must of taken for whoever sewed this piece together! Hundreds of tiny beads all hand sewn into a design then made into a barrette. It has some threads that have come undone but they will be easy to repair. My daughter and I have decided to use it for something other than a hair piece. We are unsure for what yet but the time will come and we will find the perfect use for this beauty!

Amazing! You never know what's hiding inside those bags :)

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