Saturday, July 20, 2013

From The Junk Drawer Look and Find Treasure Box

Look and Find Treasure Box!

My children and I have been enjoying I Spy books for many years and we never grow tired of them. We have a huge collection of  I Spy's, Look and Find, Can You See What I See, Search and Find and Look- A-likes. We own 33 of them! I've found the majority of them in thrift stores.
This month and next month are my children's birthdays so I decided to

make them each their own Look and Find Box as a keepsake. I started with my son's first and I just put in the last few pieces and I think I'm done! I will also be adding a clear plastic cover to the front to keep the dust out but I don't have any on hand so next trip to town I will pick some up. I will permanently close it after my son's birthday because I will be adding a  present too.. a few birthday dollars in the mailbox!

This was a really fun project for me! I love tiny treasures and I have a huge junk drawer that I keep these odd little things in that I can't bring myself to throw away. The wooden box I used is just an old box that my Dad used to hold nails in... I traded him a sturdy cardboard box for his wooden box. Fair trade I think, lol.

Click on pictures to enlarge them:

I had some scrap pieces of wood so I added shelves
I gathered up a bunch of junk... I love junk!!
I used a page from a damaged I Spy Book and glued it to the back
Using hot glue I glued in all the larger pieces first then added in the smaller pieces.
I didn't like the 10 lbs written on the front so I brushed some brown acrylic paint around the edges to hide it.

  1. Can you see six fish  out of water?
  2. Find the letters that spell out  Jordan.
  3. ... I'm now off to write up the rest of the treasure hunt

My daughter's Look and Find Treasure box will be filled with Fairies and girlie things so stay tuned!

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!!


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