Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My First Needle Felted Bear

I've been dreaming of needle felting for a long time! I'm in love with so many needle felted critters I've seen online. There's many to be found on pinterest and I've pinned countless needle felted projects and tutorials for the last few months with the thoughts of one day! One day I'll do it. Finally I said to myself, "Self, be a

doer and not just a procrastinating pinner!!"

So taking my own excellent advice I went and got the supplies:

1) needle felting tool by Clover. It holds 5 needles. It came filled with needles (size 38
gauge ) and I found it very comfortable to use. I've heard stories that the needles break easily but if you make sure to punch up and down and not on a slant then they shouldn't break. I've used it for at least 6 or 7  hours and made sure to keep it in an upright position and the needles are still intact which is great for a newbie!

2) single needles size 36 gauge. I found using a single needle was great for sculpting around the tail, nose and the ears of my bear and I used a single needle a lot when making this bear.

3) a foam pad. It is 3 inches thick and I'm very, very glad I got it. It's comfortable and has a good space to work on.

4) baggies of roving wool all different colors.

5) And what I didn't get but had already at home was polyester stuffing. I didn't even realize that I would need it! I was so glad I had some on hand and I used it to sculpt the larger pieces.

With my supplies all bought and ready to go I picked out an easy
bunny project to follow online. But I quickly realized that I wasn't enjoying myself before I even finished doing the first piece  so I ditched the project and decided to free style instead.. I honestly didn't even know it was going to be a bear until I started the head.

Like I said earlier I used polyester fiber fill to sculpt the big pieces before adding any roving. I did end up adding quite a bit of roving to the head though. I kept adding and sculpting until I was happy with the look. You can see the big difference in the head shape before and after the roving!

The ears, legs and arms are just roving and no fiber fill. I had a tough time getting the arms and legs to match each other and spent quite a bit of time trying to get them right. The ears were easy and I used a single needle to sculpt them

I used regular black sewing thread and needle to put in the nose and eyes. Once the eyes were in I really fell in love with my bear. I'm quite proud of him, he's not perfect but pretty good for my first ever attempt!

And now I am deciding on the next project. Maybe I'll be quicker when making the next one now that I have a bit of a feel for it :)

In the mean time make sure to stop by my facebook page Felt Craft Attack to find patterns and tutorials. I've been collecting needle felting tutorials and craft felt projects as I find them online. See you there!

Happy Crafting!!


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    1. thank you so much, I really appreciate that :)

  2. Your felted bear is a definite success! Great job, Sharon!

  3. I'm thinking he's pretty perfect I also would love to try felting but do I need another craft to make mmmmm not sure so maybe 1 day lol


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