Sunday, July 28, 2013

Needle Felted Totoro In My Garden

I saw Totoro in my garden today!

I was watering my sweet peas when I saw
a bit of blue darting in behind the daisies. At first I thought it must be a butterfly taking a rest in the shade. I actually had my camera with me just in case I saw some pretty butterflies today. So I carried on with the watering of my sweet peas while waiting for this beautiful winged creature to come into better view. And then I saw him!

Totoro! He was just sitting there peeking out from the daisies then all of a sudden he darted out across the rock garden and up into a wooden tub of succulent plants.

Before I could blink my eyes he was climbing up the Virginia Creeper vine and onto the railing that encloses my old wooden deck. He was now just out of sight, so with my heart pounding I went as quietly and as quickly as I could up the stairs and tiptoed across the deck to the railing that he had just climbed onto...

I saw him again and oh my heart was singing with excitement! Just as I was taking his picture he spotted me and ran into the vines and disappeared from view.

Wow, lucky me.. I captured an extremely rare event and I get to share it with all of you! Stay turned dear Readers, we just might see Totoro again!


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