Monday, July 22, 2013

Sew Cute Bunny Free Pattern

I'm just venturing back into sewing and found this super cute Bunny pattern here. It's free! The blog is in German but it's a simple pattern and you could
also open the blog with Google Chrome and it will translate for you. Honestly there's no translation needed except for finding the PDF download button :)

I made the one on the right with fabric for both the front and backside. I sewed them wrong sides together then turned it right side for stuffing. The one on the left I made with felt for the backside and fabric for the front side  and sewed them with a blanket stitch. Both faces are made of felt

I love their faces, don't you?

My daughter is in love with her new Bunny friends and that makes me sew happy!

Be sure to check out my facebook page Felt Craft Attack for more free patterns like these!

Happy Sewing!!

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