Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To See Fairies

illustrated book cover by Charles Van Sandwyk
What a gorgeous little book, "How To See Fairies" by Charles Van Sandwyk. I actually found this in the thrift store yesterday. It was just
99 cents.

I read it over a few times already and love, love, love the illustrations! I was reading it again just now and happened to notice that this is signed by the author, I had somehow missed that the first few flip throughs...

After a quick google search I found this:

"16 pp. The Fairy Press. 7x5" (17 X 12.5cm). Text, pen and ink drawings and water colour illustrations printed offset (1, 000 copies). Single signature machine sewn in card wrap. Text set in Hadriano. Illustrated dust jacket printed in color."
(information via
Aquila Books)

There's a copy currently for sale now for 400 USD at Aquila Books. I don't know if I'd pay that much for it but I am even more pleased now with the 99 cents I paid yesterday! I can see the price being high though as the art is a rarity.

Now that I have seen these gorgeous illustrations I want more! Sadly, a search online shows all his books now out of print. The ones for sale by owners are out of my price range. But all is well, I am satisfied with the one I proudly own now!

And I'm thinking that I found one in a thrift store so chances are I will find another one day. It'll be just like looking for Fairies! In my heart I know they're out there and I'll just have to keep my eyes open!

The more you look the more you'll see! I missed the trees the first time I flipped through
It's hard to pick a favorite.. this might be it or the one just above it. But then again I do love the one with the mushroom characters too... hard to decide on favorites when every one of them is exquisite!

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