Micro Dollhouse Sofa and Rug

I've started a walnut house project and need some rugs. I want real looking rugs without them being too thick. I ended up using sewing thread and crochet 2 different rugs.

Pattern for the rugs
I used regular sewing thread and a size 12 steel crochet hook.
Magic circle 6 then 2sc in every st after that, switching colors just as you normally would. The finishing row was ch2 then sc in next st all the way around, sl st very last st.
Instead of weaving the threads in I cut free and then rubbed a very small amount of fabric-tac to the cut thread.
The smaller rug was made the same way. To get a more oval shape just stretch it out once it's all done.

Click here to see the finished walnut


  1. This is realy darling! Nice Job! I found your blogs today; quite by accident and I'm so glad I did. Really enjoy your videos and your written tutorials. Looking forward to many more! Keep up the amazing work. And thank you for sharing your how to posts!

  2. Oh how on earth did you create that adorable oh so tiny perfect leather couch! Gorgeous ♡

  3. Oh wow its so tiny not sure I could see it so not sure I could make it lol soooo cute!


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