Thursday, October 3, 2013

Miniature Japanese Glass Float

miniature glass boat float
Success! Well almost, I still have to perfect the spacing between the
knots I think then I can claim success but I am certainly happy with the results so far! I have long loved those old Japanese glass floats that were used so many years ago, no longer being used and now found in antique stores.
Collection of Japanese Boat Floats
image found on Wikipedia. Read about the original floats here
Anyway, I was on DeviantArt the other day and I saw a miniature glass float and of course I just had to try to make one myself. As fate would have it I was in a thrift store later that night and saw this knick knack and "wa la" there were 3 beautiful, vintage glass balls that are the perfect size!

 But now what?? How do I make the knotted rope mesh that encloses the glass ball? I could not find a tutorial out there. I remembered I have a knot book and in there I found instructions on how to make a knotted mesh type bag and also how to make a rope handle so I went with that and after 3 attempts I finally had a pretty good float.

I definitely want to make more so I can get a better handle on the whole process. Look how pretty it is and what a great display they would make in a miniature fishing boat diorama!

Thanks for looking... oh, and I'm now on Instagram and what a lot of fun it is.. if you love to photo share come and check it out!

Happy Crafting!! UPDATE ~ I do now have a tutorial available here

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  1. Hello. Thanks for the lesson on how to make this cute little marble holder. My grandson loves marbles and I know he will be thrilled having these. God bless, and do keep warm.


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