Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Recycle Stick Pin Eyes For Mouse

I just finished mouse number two! If you have been watching this blog then you will have seen my practice mouse. I am making an entire mouse
family and they will also get their own house too! Update! I made 2 more mice right here

For this mouse I used the body and clothing patterns from the book and I needle felted the head, limbs and tail. I wish I had slightly different felt colors but I am still happy. I absolutely adore the suit and vest! I will most likely add a pocket watch but first I want to make the other mice and then will play around with fun details.

I also found a great alternative for the eyes. Never, ever do this for any stuffy that will be given to a child but for those using them as props in dioramas and for the stuffy that will be on display only try stick pins!

4.5mm safety eye on left side
Late last night when mouse was ready for his eyes I was going to use safety eyes and I had already stuck pins  in the face to mark the spot where I was going to put the eyes and "wa la"  I thought they looked great and were the perfect size! The head of the stick pin is just a bit smaller than the smallest safety eyes I have on hand which are 4.5mm. However they were the wrong color so I used black felt pen to color them and also at this time cut the stem down to less than half the length. I used fabric tac to glue them in place and today I tried pulling on the eyes and they were holding tight in there so I guess the fabric tac did the job.

Recycle stick pins for eyes. It gives real meaning to "I'd rather stick pins in my eyes". Yes I would, said the mouse!

Thanks for looking and now I'm off to start on mouse number three!

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  1. Mice are beautiful. Used the chance to check all of them related to this post :)
    Awesome work Sharon. With your work and posts I feel such a joy. Thank you for all the great ideas and patterns you share.


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