Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gnome or Fairy House

Yes, I'm making a Gnome home or is it a Fairy house? I haven't yet decided but this is the house I'm making that will have the pine cone shingles I showed you how to get just yesterday! I didn't plan out a new dollhouse but I just have to see just how those shingles will look and decided a tiny home would be quick enough to make.
Actually, I have a hard time keeping secrets so I'll tell you but don't you tell
anyone! I was up very late in the night last night shingling the new roof with the pine cone scales! Yup, I already have the roof made and yup it's awesome! I'll show you just as soon as this little house is all painted and dried... 

This house itself was easy to put together. I used the bottom half of a pringles can, one twig and used all the techniques I showed you in previous posts. The one thing I did different was dry the bark in the oven, only because it's raining and so damp I didn't want to wait a few days for it to dry naturally. But I should check with a professional though to see if non toxic glue becomes toxic when heated. Would be good to know!

1) Fake bark
2) Wooden interior walls
3) How to make the roof
My goodness! My oven sure bakes a lot of things besides food, lol

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon and see if the roof is on yet!

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