Monday, January 6, 2014

Video Tutorial Miniature Wooden Floor

homemade dollhouse wooden floor

Here is a video tutorial and supplies list for the wooden floor and interior
walls I put in the coffee can Gnome dollhouse!

So far in this series I've shown how to make the fake bark for the exterior which includes a full video tutorial and also how to make the stone fireplace (written instructions only). You can see pictures of the Gnome and his outhouse here.

And I also have a Fairy dollhouse in the works made from a coffee can as well. It is still a WIP but take a tour of the inside here.

Ok with all those links out of the way here is the supplies I used to make the interior: And just so it's clear, the technique I use here for the floor can be used in any dollhouse really, you just won't need to use a paper template first and you'll most likely will need to do more cutting and more sticks but at least you know the option is there.. so let your imagination run wild and make yourself an awesome wooden floor!

I won't bother writing out the steps as it would be very difficult to explain in written form so  watch the tutorial here on youtube. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel once you're there to get videos as they are uploaded.

What you need:

1) package of 150 wooden coffee stir sticks
2) one poster board ( will only use a piece as big as the floor)
3) wax paper
4) all purpose tacky glue
5) hot glue gun and glue sticks
6) scissors
7) xacto knife
8) pen to draw out the door and windows
9) an empty can
10) a stain or paint. I used golden oak min-wax
11) **optional ~ linseed oil

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and don't forget to visit me on facebook too

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  1. Do you recommend making the interior or exterior first?

    1. If I remember correctly I explained this in the tutorial itself but if you do the exterior first don't frame the door or windows until you have the interior done.. hope that helps :)

  2. I love your stuff. I feel so inspired!

  3. Just saw your video , I'm a big fan of your. I never throw this type of can to make something like that but you inspired a lot. I love that all fairy house. Thanks a lotttt


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