Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sea of Hearts Crochet Earrings

Crochet thread earrings! I've never made earrings before and I never wear earrings but  thought I'd give it a try and maybe one day when my little girl gets her ears pierced she'll wear them. I made the hearts using my very own
heart pattern I designed for Valentine's Day on my other blog,
  Amigurumi To Go

thread crochet heart

I substituted the yarn with crochet thread #10 and used a steel 1.00mm crochet hook. I also used earring hooks from old jewelry parts and added tiny beads from my endless supply of beads so I'm unsure of the sizes of those. I didn't need to modify the heart pattern at all and the shape came beautifully on it's own.

dime and heart together

I might make up some dollhouse cushions next using the same pattern. I'll probably use acrylic thread to make them soft... oh, the ideas keep flowing. Hearts are fun aren't they?!

pile of crochet hearts
         Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found some inspiration in my Sea of Hearts!


  1. Your Sea of Hearts is certainly an inspiration. I'm thinking about making a few.

  2. Aaaw, those earrings are adorable!! I had never found the way to make crocheted jewelry that I liked, but this is great! <3


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