Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Video How To Make Rustic Twine Hearts

3 rustic twine hearts hanging from a twig

How to make your own Rustic Hearts

Yesterday I made a youtube tutorial for my other blog Amigurumi To Go and in that tutorial I show how to make a simple heart out of a crochet I-cord. It's a simple and fast project and I love these rustic hearts so
much I had to share with you all here too!

Supplies needed:

1 twig
twine to make an I-cord between 10 and 12 inches in length
sige G crochet hook
scraps of fabric
fabric glue

You'll also need to be able to make an I-Cord. If you don't know how then watch the video tutorial  here. And of course you'll need to make a heart shape from your I-Cord and then decorate or add fabric to the hearts. You can also keep them as just heart shapes with no fabric or decorations because they are beautiful either way. Check out the video how to here.

Enjoy your Rustic Hearts!


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  1. I love your hearts they are beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial.
    Hugs Maria


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