Sunday, July 27, 2014

Miniature Paddington Bear Thrifty Find

Miniature Paddington,

My son and I went for a walk today and about 15 minutes after we started out the sun came out in full force and wow, it got super hot! We were not dressed for that kind of weather so we ducked into a thrift store to escape the heat. As I was wondering about I spotted this bear laying at the bottom of an empty sorting cart. Whoever was
loading the shelves left him behind and didn't put him out for sale so it was my lucky day! The lady there pretty much just let me have him charging only a quarter so he really was a thrifty find :)

He stands about 2 inches tall, he's flocked with a felt coat on and a little plastic suitcase glued to his hand. Still has his original hat and also his tag, "Please Look After This Bear" tied to an elastic band that is around his neck. His golden EDEN sticker is still attached to the bottom of his foot. There's no date but my guess is early 80's maybe?

He looks like he's been sitting in a window for a few years since the front of his coat is completely faded. But over all I'd say he's in fine shape! Maybe I can find some fabric dye and fix the coat color one day.. or should I leave it alone? It's so evenly faded I honestly thought the front was the color until I turned him over!

Once I got him home I looked him up online and oh my goodness he can sell up to 20 bucks on ebay.  But I wouldn't sell this little guy, he's too cute!

Any ideas on how old he is feel free leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon :)


  1. What a lovely Paddington bear! He is so lucky you found him. I can see him smiling :)

    1. yay! Thanks :)

      I do believe he is happy too.. he hangs out with me while I work on the new dollhouse

  2. Donna Elizabeth in AlabamaAugust 7, 2014 at 8:44 AM

    Just adorable! Will he live in the "tree" house? ~ Donna E. =)

    1. thanks! No, he is just hanging out with me while I work on it.. he keeps me company and makes me smile a lot, lol gives me good ideas. I think I'll be making him his own house one day soon though :)

    2. Donna Elizabeth in AlabamaAugust 7, 2014 at 5:04 PM

      His own little house? How exciting! Will definitely look forward to that. ~ Donna E. =)


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