Monday, July 14, 2014

Tree Stump House Part Two

Gut & Flip update!

If you missed last week's post, I've been turning an old wooden dollhouse into a tree stump house. I'm  following along the progress with video clips, like a daily diary of sorts.

Part 2 of the diary is full of big changes!

1)  a substantial overhang on each side.
2)  a base
3)  roots
4) added a wall on the top floor (closed off the slope)
5) painted interior walls
6) stained the floors

I changed my mind a couple times after doing the first overhang on the sides of the roof and decided to build it out even more which looks awesome and I think because I never planned it and I built it out in stages it worked in my favor and the roof is solid and sturdy even though there's about 4 extra inches added on each

Using the box from an old monopoly game I gave the house a base. And even though the cardboard from the box is very thin, the way I attached it to the house and after the roots were put in place the base is super sturdy! There's no worry of it ever bending or cracking.
I added the roots and some are built out away from the house and these are very strong, there's no bending them!

The last few days I made a few mistakes but they seemed to work in my favor. For example the floors; I grabbed the wrong color stain and before I realized it I had 3 coats of Colonial Maple down *face palm* and what I should of been using was Golden Oak!
And as you can see, the floors turned out beautifully and they don't even have all the coats of varnish yet... I'm in love with the floors :)

Ok, enough talking about it! Part two of the video diary is right here

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See you soon!

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