Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dollhouse Reno Part Five Egg Carton Stones

Part five dollhouse to tree stump ~ egg carton stones,

Video is here ( it's also linked at the bottom of this post so keep reading!)

I'm absolutely in love with the stone chimney. I think it turned out really great even though I had no plans to start with.
I pieced the chimney together using tinfoil covered with paper and glue again, building it up in 3 separate pieces. The top section of the chimney is hollow so it got stones on the inside as well. I wanted to
keep that window so the chimney ended up with an odd shape going around the window, but I like it that way.
I then used egg cartons and cup trays as the stones. It's a great technique and whoever thought of that is a genius!!

I learned things as I went along. It probably would have helped to have read over the tutorials online in their entirety before I started this project, lol I tend to skim over things... I think I have ADHD and my brain just believes that it's got all the info it needs and heads off blindly and blissfully in full gear! Then I make a ton of mistakes and I end up spending a bit more time fixing mistakes when I didn't need to make any in the first place but it usually works out in the end, thankfully!

For instance, I learned that there's 2 sides to egg cartons, a smooth side and a rough side.  Also adding in the rough side of cup trays really looks great too. So if I were to start this project all over again I'd make 3 piles of stones and keep alternating between them all for a really cool look!

By the time I got to the fireplace mantle I had figured out the different sides of the cartons/trays  so I used the rough side of the cup tray to get the look I got on the mantle. I covered those stones with a mixture of glue and water and put a very heavy coat on then dried it with a hair dryer until the glue wasn't runny. That gave the the mantel stones a bit more depth I found.

I built the fireplace out of tinfoil. It's a great building material since it can be molded into any shape!

Part five of the video diary is now on youtube, check it out here.. you can see the chimney before it got the stones! Make sure to come back soon for part six!

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