Sunday, September 21, 2014

Miniature Boots A Thrifty Finnish Find

Hello Friends!

I just returned from a 2 week trip to Finland and what an amazing time I had! You can read a little bit about why I went on this trip on my other blog and at a later date I will write up a post here with more pictures but today this is just about my search for miniatures.

I really, really wanted to find some Finnish dollhouse furniture so my cousin and I set out one day to do just that but with no luck. We did come across a shop that sold some miniatures but there was no Finnish furniture to be found there, none! What a disappointment, there was only Swedish made or China made, all stuff I can get online in Canada. The  store owner told us that a neighboring town did have
Finnish furniture but unfortunately we did not have time to travel so I thought maybe a thrift store might have something.

We went to 3 different thrift stores (in the town of Pori) and found no dollhouse items at all then at the 4th and final shop I saw a shelf with tiny furniture... oh, I got excited! But I quickly realized that everything there was items I could find in Canada, nothing Finnish made, all were stamped "made in China"  but I did see these tiny faux leather boots. I asked my cousin if she thought they were Finnish made and she didn't have a clue but they were so cute and they were only 1 euro (1.45 CND)  so I bought them. I never saw anything quite like them before and at least I had something tiny to bring home!

So today I was taking photos of them so you could see them too and I noticed there was discoloration along the side of one boot and I was going to clean it up  but soon realized it was lettering! So I went online and googled the letters and "wa la" it's the name of a city in Finland called Jyväskylä

I did a little research and found nothing about the boots. There is a huge flea market in  Jyväskylä that states it's worth a visit and also once a year there's a craft fair. But I think I can safely say these were made in Finland. Maybe they were made for selling at a craft fair? I don't know and the mystery will continue. Maybe one day somebody will see this post and will know something! If you do please leave a comment :)

They were tied together with 2 leather strings that I removed. The soles are nicely done and they feel like leather, the boot itself is made to look like leather and the very tops of the boot, the darker strip, feels like it could be real leather but I can't say for sure. Nicely stitched together along the back of the boot, no glue to be seen anywhere just a bit of wear and tear. Over all in very nice condition, fun to look at and they will certainly be a great addition to my dollhouse!

I just love thrift stores, don't you? You never know what treasures you will find. By the way, the thrift stores in Finland are so much fun with many vintage things that would be considered hard to find here in Canada. Old suitcases, wooden trunks, linens and table cloths to die for... paintings and homemade things. There was so much I wanted to buy but no room in my suitcase, booooo! Next time I'll bring one large empty suitcase and fill it up with Finnish treasures :)

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!


  1. The little boots are beautiful. Great find.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Suomalaisia huonekaluja saa nukkekotimessuilta jotka järjestetään 2-3 kertaa vuodessa ja joskus huonekaluja on myynnissä FB nukkekotikirpputorilla, mutta kaupasta niitä ei löydy.
    Mukavaa että kävit suomessa.
    Kaikkea hyvää sinulle

  3. your wee gnome house is fantastic! I watched all 7 vids. Terrific. I just finished watching how to make a mouse and cannot wait to go to my nearest pat catans for yarn/hooks etc..and thank you so much for showing how to make clothes!! your talent is awesome!!

    1. thank you very much, I so enjoyed your message!
      I'm glad you'll find the patterns helpful and that you also like the gnome house :))


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