Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Little Old Mushroom Man In The Works

Mushroom Face,

I was working on more mushrooms for my Gnome house and I got the urge to make one into it's own creature. I actually got the idea from a book I own called "How To See Fairies".
Anyway, it was spur of the moment so you'll never believe what I used to make this face... tissue paper soaked in glue and water!
So I just started with goo... 

It took about an hour or three to get it just the way I wanted.. or I should say, as good as I could get it, then when I was happy I put
it in the oven to dry.

Well that almost ruined him! His face bloated right up and lost most of his features. Unfortunately I don't have that photo because I thought I ruined him and I wasn't thinking that he'd end up here. But just imagine the above face as a big bubble!

So I  sat down with him and thought about it then I decided to at least try and save him. The top layer was all dry but the inside was still wet so I went in through the sides of his face and pushed the tissue around and sculpted him from the inside while pinching different spots on the outside to get some of those awesome wrinkles back.
 And oh what happiness, that worked!

Now to paint him and give him some hair... come back soon to see how he turned out!

part 2 is here
And if you missed my last post about my first batch of mushrooms check it out here.


  1. Amazing Sharon! Just simply amazing! His face is so perfectly detailed and wrinkled in all the right spots. He reminds me so much of those apple carving kits that as kids we would carve into faces and then let them shrivel up with time so they would look like creepy little faces. LOL. I bet you had a lot of fun with this!

    1. thanks Mad!! I think he is going to be my most favorite of my projects so far because I had so much fun with him plus he's just fun to look at, haha
      I finished him last night so between today and tomorrow I'll get his post up with pictures.


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