Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ukki the Mushroom Man

Let me introduce Ukki Sieni.

Ukki is my mushroom man that I just made for my Gnome house. You can read how I made him here. His name is Finnish which means "Grandpa Mushroom".  This is my first attempt at sculpting a human like face and I'm really pleased how it turned out. I'll probably make

more the same way!

I will have a video update soon of the house and you'll see this mushroom in the video but until then enjoy the pictures.

I made him a pipe out of sculpey clay and I stuffed it with tea.

It took me about 5 days to make Ukki and in the end I love him so much! I'm looking forward to starting the gnomes some time in the next week or 2.

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon :)


  1. Un fantástico trabajo, original y creativo.

  2. Magical! Thanks for sharing! I love this!

  3. How did you made him....I love this little guy...but not the eyes..I think it would freak my granddaughter out....
    Did you use clay or is it paper too...PLease...tell me how...

    1. lol, his face is kind of creepy.. I actually made his face out of glue soaked tissue paper and did a series of sculpting then drying in the oven... back and forth until his face was done. It's not a professional way of doing it and I'm sure other people would find clay much easier to work with but I wanted his face to have wrinkles so the idea of tissue paper came to me because it wrinkles so much when wet! And to my surprise it worked, haha but honestly it took many hours. I did the snail's face the same way but tried to smooth out the wrinkles as much as possible. Anyway, I'm starting the filming on how I made the cluster mushrooms tonight. I'll let you know when the video is ready :)

  4. Dear Sharon I'm your fan your creations are so cute and so fantastic ¡¡¡¡ thanks for sharing saludos¡¡¡¡ from Chile South America

  5. Dear Sharon and creations, I'm stalking you :) you're fantastic ..... love from downunder

    1. thank you, Deb!
      I'm so glad you are, lol . This blog needs an update soon to make things easier to find. But I'm happy to see you found a few things.

      I appreciate your kind words :)


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