Friday, November 7, 2014

Sculpting A Riding Snail WIP

My Riding Snail Work In Progress,

Last week I introduced you to Ukki the Mushroom who will live on the grounds of the Gnome dollhouse. I made Ukki out of tin foil and paper mache then I sculpted his face from glue soaked tissue paper. Well I'm so in love with Ukki I decided to add one more character that will also live on the grounds and that will be a riding snail. Because every Gnome needs a riding snail, right?!

I'm making the snail the exact same way I did the mushroom.
The beginning stage always has me second guessing myself and there's this constant tug of war going on of  if I should keep working  on it even though it looks ridiculous or throw it in the garbage!
I worked until 2am last night and twice this guy was thrown away! Then
either a small glimmer of hope that it could turn out or the not wanting to throw away the hours I just put into it made me go fish it out...

 I'm not too sure if I love the shell part yet and have put that part of the project on the back burner, safely away from the trash bin while I work on the details of the snail's face. I'm starting to see the face becoming something I could love.. lots more sculpting to do, lots of details to figure out but for now it's break time and I'm waiting for my beloved cup of coffee and write this update while the coffee pot brews :)

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!


  1. Sharon I think this is so it...

  2. Estoy segura de que conseguirás que salga una criatura fantástica


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