Friday, January 23, 2015

Revisions And A New House


I am currently working on revising (making easier) my fake bark tutorial and in doing so I had to make more bark. My last tutorial was done with a big coffee can so this time around I chose to work with a cardboard box. The box is now a tree. So now I have one happy happy Gnome! He's thinking about moving in. He'll keep us all posted.

Most of the bark part has been filmed already.  I want to include the roof in the tutorial as well so that might take a few extra days. We'll see as I'm not quite positive how I'll do the roof. Today is Friday so I have the whole weekend to figure it out, yay for weekends!! I keep everyone updated on facebook with progress photos so if you're over there please stop by. Have a great weekend!

This morning I came into my kitchen and noticed how the light was streaming through the tree windows... if you'd like to know how I did the wooden floors, I do have a tutorial here


  1. Yo creo que harĂ­a bien en mudarse. Esos rayos de sol que entran son muy agradables y alegran a cualquiera.

  2. I have been perusing your floor makings here and I cant see what your method is in attaching the actual flooring to the dollhouse, I may have missed it. just wondering what your method is! Im a bit stumped lol parden the pun I am making a small mouse house with cardboard and paper mache in a stump thank you Sharon

    1. yes, I put a video together a long time ago for putting a floor into a can and I show all the steps for that. I have it set to open at the time of the flooring itself, before this time I'm showing other stuff that's not necessary for you to watch.

      I've done this method of floor many times since I made the video and the only thing I do differently now is I do not add linseed oil. And on these bigger floors like you see in the Gnome house I put the sticks down at different lengths and in the can I didn't do that.
      You can also lay the sticks directly onto the floor in your house but it is so much easier to make a template of your floor and lay the sticks on that. Poster board or the cardboard from a cereal box works great as a template as you can bend it after the sticks are glued on making it easier to get into the house wooden flooring


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