Friday, January 30, 2015

Don't Do It Gnomey!

If you're following me on facebook you'd know that yesterday Gnomey decided that he wanted a door. Of course he wanted to design it himself... ummm... ok? A door in the shape of a gnome hat, lol alright. Whatever you say Gnomey!

So I told him I will add the door but I have to do the cutting myself .  And I also told him that I did have other plans for the day like I was in the middle of crocheting a surprise!

Gnomey is not interested in crochet. He flat out told me whatever it was to keep it out of the house and just work on the door. The door was way more important than crochet!

Wow.. totally offensive Gnomey!

But I forgot about his orders and I worked on the crochet surprise anyway. And I also forgot it in the house when I went to bed last night and this morning Gnomey found my hook and thread.
What is this?! He asked

It's my crochet surpri....

                      hey! what are you doing Gnomey?
                                     Don't you dare!!!

Wow, I can't believe you did that Gnomey!

lol, ok little man! You made your point.. but I'm going to keep crocheting and there better not be any knots and tangles in that thread now!

I think he will love what I make him but I'd better keep it out of the house for now...


  1. Perhaps Gnomey has a wee bit of Irish spirit in him! Temper, temper little man! :)

  2. Creo que vas a tener que hacer pronto la puerta o puedes tener problemas.....


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