Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gnomey Goes Fishing

Happy New Year everyone!

This is my first post of 2015 on this blog and it feels so great to be back! I've been busy busy writing and posting up amigurumi patterns on my other blog but now I'm so ready to craft my little heart out and play a bit with my miniatures :)

Just before Christmas last year (2014) my very sweet and talented friend, Dawn Pragnall, surprised me with a fishing pole for the Gnome I made in 2013 (wow, I can't believe it was that long ago when I made him!!).  She made the pole and the fish with polymer clay. She sent it to me here in Canada all the way from the UK!  It arrived safe and sound and what a fantastic gift, I was so excited when I opened the package it just made my whole day. Merry Christmas to ME!! Oh yes, let's not forget Gnomey! Merry Christmas to him too :)  

The pole is exactly the right size and look at that awesome fish, it looks real!! Great

job Dawn!
Click on the photos to enlarge them

Ummm Gnomey my dear, that fish is not as big as what you described earlier... lol  fishermen and their tall tales!!

Thanks for stopping by and a great BIG thank you to Dawn for the very thoughtful gift! The Gnome is busy eating his fish dinner but he sends his love and says thank you it's just what he needed :)


  1. I love Gnomey glad he likes his fish I like fish too. Wonder if Gnomey knows I am a fishmonger when I am at work! Xx

  2. I just realized who you are! That's awesome.. fishmonger hahaha Thanks Dawn!!!


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