Sunday, January 25, 2015

You Owe Me Gnomey

The Gnome has been deciding if he wants to move in and he told me he wanted a balcony off the master bedroom so he could have a better view of the forest. And he didn't like the bland color of the interior walls so suggested I paint them. Then he'll decide if he'll move in. What a demanding little man!
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But I obliged him and painted the walls.. I have to admit, he was right! The walls do look better. The floors are done with coffee stir sticks. I have a DIY tutorial right here

Then I worked all day on this balcony..Gnomey checked it
out. He walked back and forth, looked out over the forest. What a view!

I think he likes it!

So what do you think? Do you like all the changes? Will you move in now?
      Hey, come back!
                     Oh! You owe me Gnomey!!

I bet he's looking for more things he wants to change! Thanks for stopping by, sorry for the rude Gnome! Come back soon. Maybe he'll be moved in already... but then again, there might be something else he needs changed first!


  1. oh my goodness! Adorable! And skillful!

  2. Did I miss the balcony tutorial? I love, love, love this little house! Thank you Sharon

    1. no, but I did do a couple how to's for the Mushroom House which has the same kind of deck. However, this tree house deck was just glued in place with no ring under it and added the branches for stability under the deck as pictured.

      You can find the deck how to here

      and the balusters plus railing cap how to here


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