Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gnomey Gets A Bonus Room

Remember when Gnomey decided he wanted a door? If not, take a quick look here. When I agreed to add the door I had no idea how deep that "bark" went. When I was done digging my way through that bark (tinfoil) I realized it went so deep I could add a bonus room!

Give me a hand Gnomey and hold the other end of the ruler please.... wow, 5.5 inches across! That's plenty space for a mud room. What do you think Gnomey? We can put in a stove. Put up hooks for your wet clothes to dry on.. maybe some storage space for your fishing

What's that?? You're wondering how I'll add in a floor now?

Ya, me too. It's going to be tricky for sure with that odd shape of the room. I'll get a template cut out anyway and fingers crossed I can get a wooden floor in there...

Template's cut and there's hope! You might get that wooden floor after all little man :)

Yes! I did it, I got the wooden floor in!!
I know.. that was pretty amazing! And my goodness Gnomey, you're really checking out my work... find any mistakes?

I guess not and I see you're very happy with your bonus room!
Now get out of there Gnomey, I have to paint the walls and stain the floor...

no no little man.. don't be drawing anymore doors!

Come back soon and if you happen to see a Gnome with a pencil, please take that thing away!



  1. El gnomo parece satisfecho con su nueva estancia.

  2. I am very much enjoying you and your little Gnome's story. It's very cute. Also I love your work. Hope your little Gnome appreciates all you do for him.

  3. Oh my goodness! so very cute! I enjoy Gnomey so much! :)


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