Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Twig Art Easel

I was trying to think of a way to keep Gnomey busy while I work on his house. He tends to get in my way and he's always giving me orders! So late last night before I went to bed the thought came to me, painting! Make the little man an easel and tell him he's an artist. We'll need some art to hang on the walls anyway :)
So I saw my bucket of twigs and next thing I knew I was building an art easel. It really was simple, took me maybe 10 minutes tops and it
works, I can fold it up for easy storage.

Next was the stool. I have a collection of branch trimmings my dad cut for me and those make excellent table tops and or stools. I was going to glue the legs on at first so started making little indents for the twigs to rest in but I whittled right through the stool top by accident. I thought I had ruined the top but I pushed the leg in anyway just to see how that would be and I realized that was actually better! The top of the leg is flush with the top of the stool and that just looks pretty cool plus I didn't have to wait for glue to dry. I love how mistakes can be made into something awesome!

I cut some canvas sheets and made paint brushes out of toothpicks and real paint brush bristles.
Now we just need the gnome to show up and paint something!

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon.. maybe the gnome will have some paintings to show off!



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