Sunday, March 15, 2015

What Else Was In That Bag

Yesterday I showed you the teeny, tiny people I found in a bag while sorting through my minis. If you missed it, see them here visiting my Walnut Dollhouse.  And today  I'll show you what else was in that bag. It's actually a mini goldmine of tiny figurines. By goldmine I don't mean a whole lot but what was in there gives me so much inspiration for future dioramas.
The bag pictured here is my sorted bag. The bag I found them in yesterday was a darker, thrift store bag that I never bothered to open.. It was ripped so I probably had a glance inside when I first bought it but then I threw it into
a shoebox of unsorted minis.
click on photos to enlarge them
And here again are the teeny people. They have given me so many ideas for tiny nut houses! I had seen similar tiny figurines online and I always wished I could get my hands on some and here they were hiding in my mini collection all this time. Goes to show wishes do come true! I plan to one day give them proper faces and fix their clothing.
Moving on now to the others. I think the first pair look like window shoppers, don't you? I can picture them looking in a window. Maybe it's Christmas time and they are dreaming about what they see? They aren't much bigger than those kissing angels. Speaking of, aren't they the sweetest little things!
This trio must be from a set. It's part of a nativity scene. With a little paint I think I could put the one holing the lantern to good use! I'm thinking Victorian Era diorama

Then there's this little dude. At first glance I thought he looked like a shop keeper but then I saw he's holding a knife and vegetable. He looks a little cranky... maybe he needs a break from chopping up those veggies!
And now for the beautiful group of tiny angels. OH my goodness, these are awesome! I do have a Gothic side to me so I see them in a cemetery.. but you never know, once the creative juices start flowing I could come up with something totally different. I'm just thrilled to know I have them and they await their turn to come to life in my miniature world!
I clipped them free from their strings, there's 7 in all with 3 different poses. One kneeling angel is missing from the group on the stick but I took photos of each pose. I hope you enjoy!

The tiny chair I posed them on is a "Tootsietoy" it's metal and made in the late 1920's. I got that plus a few others from ebay a few years ago. I found a really great guide online that's loaded with pictures of the furniture and the Tootsietoy dollhouse if you want to see more!

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon :)

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  1. Me gustan mucho todas esas pequeñas piezas. Vas a tener que trabajar mucho para encontrarles su lugar.


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