Monday, April 20, 2015

Gnomey Goes Into The Woods Finds Fairy Doors

It has been too long since Gnomey and I had some time together so yesterday out of pure guilt I went to check on him. I found him drinking coffee near the mushroom patch. He didn't notice me so I quietly went away for I had made plans with my son for a hike and I had no time to play with Gnomey.

BUT my son's plans changed at the last minute. At that same time my daughter came home from a friend's. I asked her if she wanted to hike with me and it was a huge YES! She had hiked a trail with her school a few days prior and she was excited to show me what she found on this trail... fairy doors!!!

And at this same time I had posted Gnomey and his coffee on my  facebook page and mentioned I was off  to hike.
A friend of mine, Jay Williams (see Jay's blog The Witch's House) commented I should tuck Gnomey in my pocket and take him along. Little did Jay know my plans had changed and I was off to see fairy doors. Was that meant to be or what?! So Gnomey was tucked into
my daughter's bag and off we went!

This is my beautiful daughter Gracie who was our guide for the afternoon. There were many different trails with no signs but she knew exactly where to go and how to get home again.  She's only 12 yrs old but makes an excellent trail guide!

Gnomey is sitting with his head just above a pocket on the bag Gracie is carrying. The first thing he spotted was the roots of a tree growing over a stump! "What a fun but strange way for roots to grow" he said.

Here we're leaving the main trail and have to cross over a log to get deeper into the woods.

Gnomey quickly jumped out of the bag, ran across the log and waited for us in a tree on the other side. He's fast and was excited to see so many trees. So many places for a Gnome to hang out in!

OK, now the treasure hunt begins and it wasn't long before we spotted the first door. There were many of these types of doors here and there. I'm sure we missed many!

And further down the trail we found a ribbon hanging from a tree and tied to the end was a key and under that at the base of the tree was another door!

As we walked on we spotted this, way up high! I almost couldn't reach. Gnomey was a little weirded out by this one and  he really wanted to leave this spot for fear he might be hung in a similar manner.
But have no fear, I wouldn't do that to you Gnomey!

And a whole stump claimed by a fairy. Gnomey knocked but she was gone. I even helped him look into a window but he didn't see anyone. Peeping Gnomey!

It was great fun to find all these treasures. We just never knew where the next one would be!

We stopped for a selfie. Gracie, Gnomey and me :)

And he did go off to explore on his own. Kinda hard to smell the flowers though when you're knee high to a grasshopper! This flower seems to grow especially for Gnomes since it's flower head points to the ground.

This is probably my favorite find on the whole hike. Isn't it gorgeous with a heart opened to all who come to see. I'm head over heels in love with this tree!

We were taking turns looking inside the heart. It's completely hollow. Laying inside on top of a fungus is a sea shell full of beads that look like pearls. A real treasure!
I almost missed the sea shell so I've pointed it out to you. I had to zoom in with my camera to get a full view of the pearls.

There are so many more we found that I haven't shown here. Maybe we'll go back to explore, take more pictures and next time bring our own door for a fairy to use!

And then we crossed over a log and started back home talking about all that we found. We had so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon!


  1. What an adventure,looks like you had a wonderful time! So glad to see that Gnomey had an airing! My Tinkerbell is pea green with envy! She wants to know when I'm going to start on her lantern Tree House! Ps,Thanks for the nod to Myrtle Snows's House! Her garden and greenhouse coming soon!

  2. Oh my! what a wonderful walk! thanks so much for sharing! I bet Gnomey was so happy but very tired when you got home :) hugs

  3. Oh my goodness what fun! I wish I had a fairy forest like that. My grands and I would have a great time. Now I guess I need to just do something like this in my own backyard!
    Thanks for sharing. That was fascinating!


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