Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tree Man In The Making

I know what you're thinking, "What is that??!!"

So  I was in the middle of making a miniature dresser and had just set it aside to dry. I decided to check in on facebook and at the top of my newsfeed was a "to die for" tree swing. I fell instantly in love! So in love I needed to make one and needed to make one right now! So the dresser got put on hold and I started the tree right away. I've learned to follow inspiration as it hits even if it makes me look like I have ADHD.. starting a project when I have one already on the go! But I can't help myself, it's a curse.. a fun curse mind you :)

The tree swing I saw on FB was in likeness of Groot but I didn't know that. I had never seen the movie it's from, Guardians Of The Galaxy. When I shared the tree swing on my timeline a friend mentioned Groot so I looked him up and OH my, he's gorgeous! And lucky for me the movie was playing for free on VOD. I watched it then watched it again!

Ok, so here's what I've done so far:

I started with a tin foil frame. I didn't use any wire except for the one arm. After I had it together it felt sturdy enough but I ran a length of
wire along his side and under the arm, just in case.
I think the toughest part for me was getting the hands and fingers shaped properly. I didn't have a plan. I put his body together and decided to just cross the hand bridge when I got to it. I failed a few times but finally got the shapes I needed. It looks so easy after it's all together!

The tin foil got covered in masking tape and the masking tape covered in homemade paper mache clay. The clay was a long process. I could only cover parts at a time and dry those parts in the oven before covering more parts. If I had planned this out I would have made a temporary stand so I could cover all of him at once.

Ok, so after all the clay was dry I went to work on the fake bark. I have a tutorial for fake bark right here if you're interested. The bark took even longer than the clay! I'm embarrassed to tell you how many hours I spent applying, shaping then applying and shaping some more. Let's just say it had to be done because the glory is in the details, right?
He looks as though he's trying his hardest to stay off that burning pan! Hang in there tree-man for just a bit longer!

Ok, after the countless hours of bark applying over his body I did his face last. I think the face turned out ok. I was worried a bit about this part but the texture looks good. I'll give him eyeballs when I paint him.

And here he is. Hours of applying and shaping. Now I almost don't want to paint him! He looks kind of cool as is.

Just look at that tree bum. Gorgeous!

Groot Selfie. He's a bit vain...

Next step is to paint him then add a swing. I can't wait! The painting might take a while though, mixing colors and all.. we'll see if I can get the color just right *fingers crossed*

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: He's got color now, see him here

Oh, and I've started up a 2nd instagram account for these crafty type posts. I think it was time! If you're on IG follow me here


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