Saturday, July 25, 2015

Finished Crafting My Atlas Beetle Named Him Henry

There he is, my Atlas Beetle all done!

I'll catch you up to speed if you missed my last post. I decided one day to make an Atlas beetle, no plans just looked at a photo online then went to work. I used tin foil, wire and homemade clay. You can see this bug in progress here. He's made to scale. Atlas Beetles are huge!
Before I could finish him I had to stop and catch a flight over to Calgary for my niece's wedding. It was beautiful! And every once in a
while I'd catch myself thinking about this beetle and how I'd finish it.. die hard crafter!

I came back home, rested for a couple days  then last night I got that urge to craft again. Finally at 1am this morning I put the final coat of paint on the bug and went to sleep. I could have slept in today being Saturday and all but early this morning I jumped out of bed just to see him, (I'm a weirdo!!) And took him outside for photos. I think he turned out pretty good. I see where I can improve a bit but for my first bug I think it's great. I'll keep him.

Why did I make a beetle you ask? I just wanted to. I love bugs. They are amazing creatures!
Anyway, I named him Henry :)

So that's it. Now I'm off to finish painting Edward Thomas the Snail. Thanks for stopping by.

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And when I remember to post them, you'll also find my craft and dollhouse photos on instagram @  ojala_crafts.

See you soon!

UPDATE: Henry Goes To The River

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