Monday, July 27, 2015

My Little Teaspoon Lady Has No Teaspoon

My little Teaspoon Lady has books instead,

I recently bought this lovely book by Tone Finnanger and made a promise to myself I would do at least one project it offers before the month's end and I did it with 4 days to spare! I chose the Teaspoon Lady to fulfill my promise. She's just so adorable!

She is truly miniature. While looking at her on paper I didn't grasp how small she really is but quickly realized the scale when I was trying to
turn her arms right side and the eraser end of a pencil was too big!

For those of you who know the design I made a couple changes to the dress. Instead of a collar I settled on lace. I also lined the dress with crinoline so it would flare out and hold her up.The original closes up like a pouch. The doll is then supposed to be glued into a cup but I prefer her as I made her. This way she can move about as she pleases. And instead of teaspoon I made her tiny books to hold instead

I do believe a few more of her are in my future. I can imagine a few teaspoon ladies sprinkled about my bookshelf or in the dollhouse!

I don't sew very often so I'm not the best person to review a pattern book but I have to say it was fairly simple to make her aside from the expected difficulties in working with something so small.
And I'm  really looking forward to trying out the other designs in the book like those foxes pictured in the arms of the author. How wonderful those will be laying on my daughter's bed!

Tilda's Fairy Tale Wonderland by Tone Finnanger.


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