Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Snail and a Beetle WIP

Hello Friends!

Do you remember ET the Snail? It's been awhile. I introduced him back in Nov of 2014 and at that time wasn't sure how I'd finish him so into the cupboard he went until a few days ago when I got that urge to work on him some more. You can view how he started out here.

Et was given his name because he looks just like ET from the movie! That was completely unintentional. But I want to give him a full name so today I decided that ET is short for
Edward Thomas.

I gave Edward a whole new shell. He needs a bigger shell for the work he's going to do. Yes, he's going to be a working snail. He's going to work alongside a gnome!
His original shell was too small so I gave him a bigger one. And the other thing I did was add more flesh all around the bottom part and up around his neck.

And I painted him! It's a combination of colors plus a whole lot of shading and washing on pinks, yellows and even some green. Finished off with a coat of glass glaze. I love it! All that's left of his face now is his eyes. I wasn't sure what color I wanted to make his eyes. I tried blue then I tried green and I wasn't completely happy with those. So I'll leave them for now.

I have to say I really do love you Edward Thomas! I can't wait to paint your shell... it might take a few tries but I'll make sure you're proud of yourself when I'm done.

OK! Now let's get to that beetle.. ohhhhh I'm excited about this project! The beetle will also be around lots in the future. I have plans for him, lots of plans! You'll see. I don't want to say too much yet but you'll see!

This is an Atlas Beetle and he's about the same size as the real life ones. I have lots of work left to do on him yet. It's been so much fun but at the same time parts of it have been difficult and even a bit frustrating.

Those legs, gosh those were tricky to get to sit just right and then adding the small hairs, yikes! So this beetle's humble advice as he makes his way into the world is never give up! Never give up because if you keep trying it'll pay off eventually. I'm so very pleased with the legs now. And I know it looks a bit creepy but I love the skeleton look of the legs. I think they look creepily awesome!

If you want to see a real Atlas Beetle for yourself  I found a great video that talks a bit about them, shows them sitting on the guy's hand and even shows how they look with the wings out, click here.

Ok that's it for now. I have to put my projects away for a few days because tomorrow I have to catch a flight to Calgary for my niece's wedding. Exciting times but I haven't even packed my bags yet! I'm a true obsessive crafter. I'll craft right to the very last minute and then rush to get other stuff done, lol.
And I'm pretty sure I'll be thinking about a snail and a beetle while I'm away too. I'm hopeless.. ohhh!! I wonder what craft stores I'll be able to get to while I'm there?!

Bye for now. Keep crafting, building and dreaming!

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