Sunday, July 26, 2015

Henry Goes To The River Gets Horn Envy

Yesterday my kids and I took an unplanned trip to the river. It was so fun. It was also a bit chilly so nobody was there but us. My kids went swimming while Henry and I went exploring.

Yes, Grizzly Adams is also one of my kids, lol he's 23 the other 2 are soon to be 13 and 14. They are a super fun trio! Anyway, back to the newest member of our family, Henry the Atlas Beetle. If you missed
how Henry came to be, you can catch up right here.

Exploring and stretching those beetle legs. I love how natural he looks up in a tree!

While on this log Henry noticed a tree that ticked him right off! He thought the tree was trying to show him up. So he ran over to a rock, climbed up just as fast as he could, turned to his side and asked me what 3 horns I thought was better.
Your horns are better Henry, way better and so strong! Wow, you are amazing Henry...

He said nothing, just gave me a nod. And we moved on. We went back to watch the kids for a while longer.
For those who are wondering, no she didn't jump. It was a bit too shallow so she climbed back down again!

What a great evening!
The kids enjoyed the water, I enjoyed exploring. Henry enjoyed being a beetle, the biggest and strongest beetle around these parts ;)

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