Sunday, July 26, 2015

Miniature Finds in Calgary

Hello Friends!

I recently went to Calgary for a wedding. It was quick, I was there only 5 days, that included only 2 short shopping days! So my lovely sister in law brought me to a Michaels to try and give me a good selection of things to look through. It was like walking into a crafter's heaven! What a beautiful place, a little pricey but beautiful. I managed to find a small section of miniatures where I ended up spending a little too much but I have no regrets!
In the photo above I got everything at Michaels store except for the bear and wicker chair. Here, let me show you exactly what I brought home..
Beautiful sewing machine! I've seen these online before and always
wanted one.

Some dishes and cutlery. The blue speckled dishes are great. I already had a set of cups that hang on a cup tree and also a pot set in the same design. I'm excited to put those all together.

The clock isn't spectacular but it will look nice on the wall I'm sure. The little wagon is cute! I really  like the lamps. I might paint those...
I think of all the things I found, these 2 guns I was most excited about. The detail is really nice, they are metal so they have some weight to them. They will look so awesome displayed on a gun rack which I'll have to make!

I normally don't buy new miniatures. I find them too expensive so I wait to find things in a thrift store or make them myself. But it was really fun to look through them, get ideas and buy a few things to remember my very first trip to a Michaels store. I'm looking forward to going again one day!

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