Friday, August 28, 2015

Bobbin Lace in Finland

Last year I went to Finland to visit family. Every relative I met had some sort of crafty skill and my cousin Irma's was Bobbin Lace. Her walls were lined with framed pictures she had made with this technique. It's a beautiful craft and one I would love to learn one day! I put together a little video with her at work and at the end I included just a small sample of her finished pieces.There's about 4 seconds that are blurry but I left it in because it's the only time I can hear her speak.


  1. Me encantarĂ­a saber hacer encaje de bolillos.Felicitaciones Irma por sus trabajos.

  2. This is AMAZING, so clever and relaxing to look at. Thanks for sharing on how you do it.


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