Monday, August 31, 2015

Penny Holders and Tiny Homemade books

I was going to just post about those two awesome penny holders I found in a thrift store but then decided why not throw in some tiny books I made a long time ago too!

First I have to say I feel so lucky to have found those tiny penny holders. I actually made a little coin holder out of polymer clay a while back to use as a size comparison tool with my miniatures. But the unicorn and pig are so much more fun. I just love them!

Ok, now about those books. I made them a year or 2 ago. I really can't remember when but I do remember making them over a course of a couple days like crazy. I have more stored away somewhere too. I plan on making a mini library.

All, (except for the fairy book), were made from cut out magazine spines covered in canvas from antique book covers. I collect old books that are going to be tossed so I can reuse them in craft projects. For these tiny canvas covered books I just peeled the canvas off of the old book boards. So authentic looking! Sometimes
you can luck out with the design on the original canvas and the tiny book ends up with a fancy cover of its own.

The cover of  "How To See Fairies" is a scan off of a book I own. (Another treasure I found in a thrift store. It's actually worth a lot more than you'd believe. I blogged it here). And the scan I made happened to be the exact size of  old penny stamps. Put the two together and we have a perfect little book for a gnome!


  1. Hi Sharon! I'm half Finnish too (Heikkinen which was changed to Heino) and half Danish. I have a question. What did you use to cut the magazines through the spines an X-acto knife or something easier?

    1. Hei Debbie :)
      I used an x-acto knife and a ruler, I think that is the only way to get straight edges. I tried other ways but a very sharp x-acto worked best.


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