Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mushroom House Progress Update 2


I've been regularly updating my facebook page with the progress and I forgot to update this blog, my bad! I'll try to remember to keep updates coming here as well. So now both floors are now done. The top floor is hardwood made with coffee stir sticks. I do have a tutorial on how I do these right here if interested. For that tutorial I was installing the floor into a can but you can use this flooring technique in any shape container or box. The sticks cut easily with scissors making it ideal for all shaped floors or walls. I have done this flooring in other houses as well right here and here.

The bottom floor and chimney I did with egg cartons, a technique used by many for many years. I have no idea who originally came up with the idea but it's just brilliant and so realistic looking. I just love it! I used the stones to make a chimney in one of my other house and for that I did a video how to. If you're interested, see it here.

So today I will work on the front door and hopefully it won't be too long before I have more updates for you. This project is so much fun, I'm
totally in love with it!

Come back and see me soon :)


  1. You are amazing. Love how your mind work. First time on your site. Reading all your instructions. Been here for a hour. Going to read everything and then create. Thank you for sharing your mind.


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