Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mushroom House Project and Gnomey Has been Found!

What a busy weekend I've had!

First I have to tell you about the mushroom house project. This one has been on the back burner ever since I filmed the fake bark tutorial at the beginning of this year. I'll back it up to refresh your memory. I made a tree house for the purposes of filming how to make fake bark.
But as soon as I uploaded it to youtube I started getting requests for a tutorial on how I did the stairs and balcony on that house. I tried to explain it but it's just too hard to explain in comments so I decided to make another house and film another how to video. But I could never
find the time to get a new house started until this weekend!

You can't add stairs and a balcony without having a house to put them on so I worked many hours all weekend to get the base of the house done. I'm almost there, I'm almost ready to make that new video. And how exciting for me because I'm getting a really cool house out of the deal, a Mushroom House! I'm going to also show how I made the mushroom house too so not to worry, it'll all be in the upcoming video.

Short man problems, can barely see out the windows!
And in other news.. Gnomey has been found! Yes, I know, you had no idea he was missing. Well he was and I was sick about it. I looked high and low, rummaged through junk drawers, craft cupboards.. you name it, I looked! For about 2 weeks he was missing. And I must of overlooked the contents of one drawer because my daughter told me today where to look and there he was. OH the relief! My little Gnomey, I do love you so!

I have so many projects on the go, a few tutorials coming up and I'm trying my best to get each promised I've made fulfilled. Thanks for all your patience, I'm getting there!

And on a side note, I'm also working on something else... soon Gnomey will be able to touch the sky!


  1. Can't wait to see Gnomey flying!!! just don't put too much gas or he might just come to visit me, then I'll be forced to keep him ;)

  2. Looking forward to your new tutorial. So glad you found Gnomey. He may have been on a walkabout when you looked for him the first time round.

  3. I'm looking very forward to your upcoming tutorial! Do you explain how to mount the shelf in the middle to make the second floor? I'm not having a lot of luck in that department =/

  4. Cannot wait to see the tutorial! It was you and one other lady (Jennings644) on YouTube who inspired me to build a fairy house. I made almost everything in it.

    1. wow, you truly did an awesome job!! It's beautiful and thank you for the kind words, much appreciated :)

  5. I just love your work... thanks for your inspiration!

  6. Can you do a video tour of your mushroom houses?


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